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Bicycle Hubs

We ensure to make the bicycle hubs from superior quality steel in the product for excellent durability for a long run as per international standards that ultimately give optimum performance. We with our advanced technology and machinery equipment keep to the highest quality standards from the initial stage to end bicycle products production. Produced with a lot of colorful options to give distinction to your bike these hubs will last for a much longer time. Our models should be your first go to options for building your bike with a nice wheel set that handles tremendous static and dynamic loads created by the road, the rider with the tension of the spokes (wire rods connected to the centre of a wheel to its outer edge). The perfect hubs to your bicycle are the perfect hubs manufactured by us.

Hubs Thin Barrel Raleigh


  • Hubs Thin Barrel Raleigh
  • Single Speed
  • Rear 3/8" x 7, Front 5/6"x51/2"/6"
  • Spoke Holes 14G, 28 ,32, 36, 40H
  • Also Available for Multi Speed
Hubs Thick Barrel Phillips


  • Hubs Thick Barrel Phillips
  • Single Speed
  • Rear 3/8" x 6, Front 3/8"x51/2"
  • Spoke Holes 14G/12G x 20, 28 ,32, 36, 40H
Hubs Thin Barrel SLR


  • Hubs Thin Barrel SLR
  • Single Speed
  • Rear 3/8" x 61/2", Front 3/8"x6"
  • Spoke Holes 14G x 28,32, 36, 40H
  • Multi Speed is also available
Hubs Oval/Concave


  • Hubs Oval/Concave
  • Single Speed
  • Rear 3/8" x 6.1/2", Front 3/8"x51/2"/6"
  • Spoke Holes 14G x 20, 28 ,32, 36, 40H
  • Also available with Quick Release
Hubs Oval/Concave


  • Hubs Oval/Concave
  • Multi Speed
  • Rear 3/8" x 7", Front 3/8"x6"
  • Spoke Holes 10G/12G/14Gx20,28,32,36,40H
  • Also available with Quick Release
Hubs Parallax


  • Hubs Parallax
  • Single Speed/Multi Speed
  • Front and Rear 3/8"x140mm/175mm
  • Spoke Holes 14Gx20,28,32,36,40H
Hubs Parallax with Ouick Release


  • Hubs Parallax with Ouick Release
  • Axle 9.5mm x 108mm and 138mm
  • Spoke Holes 14G x 36H
  • Suitable for five/six/ seven speed
Hubs for Rickshaw(Large Flange)


  • Hubs for Rickshaw(Large Flange)
  • Axle 3/8" x 7.5"
  • Spoke Holes 12G/14G x 64H